The P.A.T.H To Freedom

What would your life look like, if you dedicated 12 months to YOU?

Amplify the power within you. Consistently connect with, and make choices and decisions from, your most powerful self.

Join us on the P.A.T.H to find out!

Join Success Coach Helen MacMillan

Starting March, 2019

P.A.T.H To Freedom Coaching Program

The Touch Points On Your Journey:

  • Two monthly 90 min group calls/mo
  • 60 minutes of private coaching/mo
  • 3 Day Retreat (August)
  • 2 S.H.I.F.T Breakthrough Intensives (March/Oct)
  • Private FB Group

Ready to start your Journey, on the P.A.T.H To Freedom?


This is a 12 month journey of personal transformation on a path to accessing and building your personal power in 7 key areas: physical, mental, emotional, financial, spiritual, vocal and transformational.

 As you build your power, you breakthrough your inner chains of limitation and access new levels of freedom, connection, joy, and success (however YOU choose to define it.)

You get to practice applying the tools you learn in the program and having the support to move through life’s inevitable challenges and embrace them as opportunities to grow.

Having the guidance and group support exponentially increases your rate of progress and makes the journey way more fun!